An Adapt-a-Toy Workshop


Toy: an object for a child to play with

Toys create a path for children to learn and engage with the physical world while expanding their imagination.

Often children with disabilities are unable to play with toys, limiting their ability to benefit from the learning opportunities toys help provide. For some, turning on a toy can be impossible. And for many families, the expense of buying a specially adapted toy is beyond their reach.

This is where the toys we will adapt at Toyvention can come to save the day. With a little rewiring and the addition of an easy-to-press button adapted toys come to life for these kids.

Signal Centers is working hard to create a robust lending library of adapted toys for kids in our community and this fall we're joining them to help their cause. 

With the community's help, we plan to purchase 225 toys and invite volunteers to join us November 12th at Toyvention to help adapt the toys.



Our goal is to purchase and adapt 225 toys for children with disabilities. Your donation of only $20 will allow us to buy one brand new electronic toy for a Chattanooga area boy or girl. With funds raised, these toys will be adapted by volunteer toy-hackers on Saturday, November 12 and donated to the Signal Centers Toy Lending Library

Donations up to $2,500 will be matched by the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga.

Why not purchase adapted toys you ask? Toys already adapted are much more expensive than unadapted toys, making them beyond the reach of many families. With your help, we can buy and adapt more toys to enrich the lives of children with disabilities.

It's your chance to tinker and hack a toy. Toyvention will take place on November 12 9am-3pm at The Edney Innovation Center. We'll be deconstructing and rebuilding toys to make them more accessible for kids with disabilities.